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This page will display previous communications that have been delivered in relation to View2022 as well as communications planned to come in the future.


3/18/2024 – View2022 Campus update

  • FY2025 preliminary budget planning activities are underway by university leaders, including department chairs, department heads and administrators. Below is some helpful background information.Consistent with past budgeting processes, salary and wage guidelines, which are used to determine potential pay increases, will be provided to signatory officers in April.

    It is important to clarify that View2022 –new classification and compensation structure for classified staff positions – will be determined and announced separately from the salary and wage planning process. View2022 remains on schedule, and a timeline and instructions for implementation will be announced this summer.

    The View2022 study and plan development began in spring 2022, with an estimated timeline of two to three years from development to implementation, while actively operating in collaboration with the financial and budget process.

    The Current status and phase of View2022 is “Phase 5: Develop Pay Range Structure and Administration.

    More than 300 campus members participated and provided input.

    The View2022 partnering senior leaders, Provost Noel Wilkin, VC Charlotte Pegues and VC Steven Holley, along with the Department of Human Resources team, greatly appreciate all who have engaged and participated in this important process for our campus.

    Additional budget updates will be shared as needed throughout the next several months while the university completes planning for FY2025.

    For questions, please email

10/30/2023 – View2022 Open Forum Meetings Round 2

  • Campus wide announcement made via UM Today to invite all employee to attend open discussion on View2022.

7/10/2023 – View2022 Campus update

2/2/2023 – View2022 Survey Results Posted

  • 1123 Employees completed a brief survey about what they value/ hold as important.  This message was to share that those results are now available online.

9/14/2022 – View2022 Open Forum Meetings

  • Campus wide announcement made via UM Today to invite all employee to attend open discussion on View2022.

8/1/2022 – View2022 Project Kickoff

  • Campus wide announcement made via UM Today to introduce View2022 as University of Mississippi’s compensation program redesign initiative.


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