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View 2022 Resources

Here are some helpful resources for understanding the concepts behind the View2022 project.


See some of the frequently asked questions we’ve encountered to this point.

View 2022 FAQ


This resource highlights some key terms and concepts for interpreting the View 2022 initiative. This list will be updated as needed to provide a full understanding of the concepts behind the University’s new compensation structure.

View 2022 Key Terms & Concepts


Learn more about the Families and Sub-Families within View 2022. These categories will be integral to how we define the work that gets done on our campus going forward.

View 2022 Families and Sub-Families

Or. Download the PDF. Family and Sub-Family Table


Work will be even more precisely classified based on the level at which it is performed. Here is a useful tool for interpreting your assigned Career Track/Level.

Dimension Guide

*To note: the final career level of a particular role will be a blend of each of these metrics. In our eventual ideal state, each Family will have a dimensioning guide tailored to the roles within that category of work.


Looking for a high level overview of View 2022? Check out this our Open Forum presentation from November 2023 or watch the video of Bryce Drew giving this presentation to one of our campus units.

Open Forum Presentation November 2023

       OR, Watch the video.

Open Forum Video


This resource provides the full catalog of over 500 job profiles created to encapsulate the work performed at the University of Mississippi. Subject Matter Experts from across campus, along with our Huron consultants, were instrumental in the development of these profiles.

View 2022 Job Profile Catalog


Recently, HR Compensation and Classification sat down with our Marketing and Communications team to begin to answer some Frequently Asked Questions in a little more conversational setting. Check out the videos here!

View 2022 – What is it?

View 2022 – A Campus-Wide Effort