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Summary Overview

What is View2022? 

As of FY 2023, the University of Mississippi has engaged in a redesign of our compensation program. The name of this initiative is View2022. At the University of Mississippi, we seek to be a model employer so we can attract and retain the best talent. Part of this is having the right approach to defining jobs and managing pay. Our current job classification and compensation system for staff has been in existence for more than 20 years. It is complicated, hard to navigate, difficult to update and does not create clear pathways for advancement for current employees. As a result, like many other universities, we are undertaking this project to develop a new, more modern approach.


Who will this impact?

View2022 will review, update, and where needed overhaul all areas that are in connections with Compensation management for classified staff roles.  Please reference the breakdown below to see if your position falls within scope of this initiative.

(INCLUDED) Classified, Permanent and Temporary Staff 

  • Non-exempt, hourly staff members
  • Exempt, salaried staff members (not listed a unclassified)

(NOT INCLUDED) Unclassified

  • EEO1 Executives
  • Faculty
  • Researchers
  • Coaches
  • Librarians with academic rank



The current compensation program at the University of Mississippi has been in place for over 20 years.  Within that length of time, compensation practices have developed organically, and our approach no longer aligns to benchmark best-in-class practices.  One example of this is we have over 1200 job titles that are very specific to each and every job.  This makes it very difficult to compare roles across the University and to the market. To ensure that the University of Mississippi can equitably, consistently, and efficiently manage compensation for all employees, a new philosophy, structure, strategy, process, and system must be established.  View2022 is an unprecedented opportunity to modernize all areas of compensation!


How long will it take?

The current timeline for View2022 ranges from 6-18 months. The target timeline aims for completion for end of calendar year 2022 and implement within calendar year 2023.


How will I be impacted?

If your role does not fall within scope (listed above), there will be no impact.  If your role does fall within scope of View2022, we advise all employees to first read our Frequently Asked Questions.  As we work through View2022, we will continue to add helpful questions to this page.  We also have an extensive communication plan to create clarity across our workforce and ensure change (if any) to individuals is clear and communicated ahead of time.