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Human Resources
University of Mississippi

Compensation Structure

The foundations for the University of Mississippi compensation structure has been developed.   The University of Mississippi will organize work (roles) by

Job Families > Job Sub Families > Career Tracks > Career Levels.

Below you will see an overview of the new structure, as well as details on each section.  Definitions for all relevant compensation terms such as a Job Family, Sub Family, Career Tracks and Career Levels can be found on our Terms and Concepts webpage.   It is important to note that until implementation takes place, minor changes and edits will take place to our structure.  As changes take place we will update our web pages accordingly.


Compensation Overall Structure

When we combine all variables of our compensation structure together (Family, Subfamily, Career Track, Career Level) we see how similar work starts to be organized at our university.  We are able to more consistently place roles within the structure by taking this approach.  Below is an example of how a role (Sr. Accountant) would fall into the overall structure.  This role would be viewed as a professional Level 3 role within the Finance Job Family > Accounting Sub Family.


Graphic illustrating the job tree from Finance (family) to Accounting (subfamily) to Professional Contributor (career track) and finally to P3 Sr. Accountant (career level).



Job Families and Sub Families at the University of Mississippi

Job Families and Sub Families are overall groupings (and sub-groupings) of jobs where work performed is of similar nature.  It is important to note, Job Families and Sub Families are based on similar work, not based on org structure.  Many departments will have roles from multiple Job Families and Sub Families.

Please see list of Families below and access each drop down list for the corresponding Sub-Families.

Administrative Operations Oversees, plans, manages, implements and/or evaluates the operations of a college, department or unit in the areas of human resources, compliance, financial and additional support services.​ Identifies and establishes operational systems to monitor, control and improve efficiency and effectiveness, not limited to, processes, procedures and policies.​

Customer Service  Provide front-line customer service and guest services. Greet and communicate with customers. Conduct tours, facilitate point-of-sale purchases, and provide guest services.

Diversity and Inclusion  Oversees strategies, programs and policies to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the University. Includes educational initiatives, culture, and progress toward campus goals.

Program Coordination  Encompasses tasks or activities related to the execution of administrative operations, processes, and/or basic project management in support of a ​University program’s mission.

Project Management  Initiates, plans, executes, monitors, and completes projects related to processes, procedures, and systems on time and within budget, with a specified beginning and end.  Evaluates and consults to improve quality of results and process improvement.
Arts Realize an artistic vision through conceptualization, creation, direction, or performance. Facilitate other artists in creation through collaboration and demonstration.

Technical Arts Use knowledge of specialized equipment and processes unique to arts to provide technical, design, fabrication, and set-up services for performing arts and events. Perform or coordinate activities related to performance and art production, including lighting, sound, costume crafting, and set design. Maintain specialized equipment.
Athletic Compliance  Develops institutional controls and processes to maintain compliance for the university and college's athletic programs while staying aware of all conference rules and regulations.

Athletic Facilities Operations & Equipment Maintains and repairs building mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems through the evaluation, inspection, troubleshooting and reporting of various components.

Athletic Operations/Administration  Responsible for the operations and administration that support the intercollegiate athletics program. Duties may include managing internal and external business relationships and administering budgets. Athletics Administration oversees and directs an athletics program, sport or athletics department function. Manages allocated resources and represents the department within and outside of the institution, as needed, including with regulatory bodies and associations such as the NCAA.

Coaching & Recruiting  Conducts practice sessions for sports-related activities and recruits players through screening and try-outs.

Sport Medicine & Nutrition Focuses on the monitoring of patients for sports activities, education on research based dietary planning, and consult on treatment based on physical activities.

Strength and Conditioning  Enables a successful strength and conditioning program for student athletes through the development of speed, strength and conditioning schedules, fundamental instructions, weight training, and all team workouts.

Student Athletic Development  Provides holistic support to student athletes by assessing the student-athlete's skill set and offering support in academics, instructional plans, testing, and other activities that increase the student's success in college and post-graduation.
Communications  Share the story of the institution with the media, public, employees, and governmental agencies to create, enhance, and sustain relationships with internal and external constituencies. Manage and perform strategic planning. Implement messaging. Manage issues, crisis communications, and continuous news coverage efforts.

Marketing  Plan, develop, direct, implement, and evaluate marketing programs and strategy. Manage and provide expertise on advertising media, informational campaigns, business strategy, brand management, outreach, market research, and consumer insights. Promote activities, events, products, and services to engage audiences to take action.

Multimedia and Design  Develop and direct the design and delivery of creative multimedia and visual designs such as photography, videography, audio production, multimedia editing, graphic design, motion graphics, social media, web design and content management. Oversee or produce content strategy, layout and concept design, user experience, and design architecture in digital and print formats.

Sports Marketing Develops, implements, and oversees comprehensive marketing programs for an athletic department or sport in support of institutional priorities. Supports the design, implementation, measurement, and optimization of marketing plans and programs with long-and short-term strategies that support institutional athletic priorities and business goals.

Web  Develops, plans and executes content in the web channel. Consults with internal and external partners on user experience management and optimization and to establish and evolve website information architecture.
Alumni & Outreach  Provide and manage alumni relations programs to foster loyalty and engage alumni in the vision, mission and goals of the institution. Build and maintain relationships with alumni. Recognize alumni contributions. Partner with alumni boards. Identify and develop relationships with alumni, and respond to alumni requests. Develop, conduct, and promote meaningful alumni engagement through effective marketing and communication strategies and quality events, programs, and services.

Corporate and Foundation Relations Identify, develop, and maintain mutually beneficial corporate and foundation relationships, often with the goal of soliciting investments, grants, or gifts. Work closely with faculty and other stakeholders to identify needs and resources to advance both the institution and company/foundation goals. Ensure appropriate stewardship of investments.

Development Manage, design, develop, and implement fundraising strategies to secure private philanthropic support for the institution from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Develop marketing materials and fundraising plans. Organize programs and events. Identify and cultivate relationships with new and prospective donors. Maintain and develop ongoing relationships to advance giving.
Assessment & Quality  Conducts evaluations of academic programs' assessment of student learning and suggests refinements. Tracks the progress and quality of the institution's assessment of learning outcomes, as manifested in academic degree programs and general education.

Continuing Education  Plans, develops, implements and administers continuing education programs, such as workshops, certificate programs, seminars or special events for professionals and/or lifelong learners. Collaborates with academic departments, outside organizations and agencies in providing credit and noncredit offerings.

Early Childhood Education Manages or provides developmentally appropriate early care and education; provides support to families on child education; provides model training experiences for teachers. May develop research environment and oversee, perform, and report on research conducted within the program. May oversee operational activities of the child care center including: budget, facility management, staff hiring and training and development, program assessment, and services to ensure quality and efficiency.

Instructional Design Designs educational content and learning strategies through the use of technology, student learning, and content development.

Instructional Technology Provides educational technology solutions for academic units to support teaching, student learning, and content development.

Community Outreach Plans, develops, coordinates, and implements community-oriented programs focused on meeting community needs and improving life skills for targeted public segments. Activities include delivering content, programs, materials, and technology solutions as needed to support program objectives.
Airport Services Oversees operations for the University's airport and compliance with federal and state regulations; may conduct flights and operate aircraft.

Construction and Campus Planning  Manage and perform services related to planning, construction, renovation, architectural design, interior design, landscape design, building code compliance, campus master planning, and engineering.

Custodial Services  Encompasses maintenance of the appearance and cleanliness of interior areas on campus. Duties include planning, monitoring or participating in general classroom or building cleaning, bathroom cleaning and sanitation and simple floor care. Employees may involve trash and recycling material removal and room set-up. ​

Dining and Catering Services  Manage and perform all areas of food and culinary preparation. Serve and present food and beverages. Set up dining and serving areas. Set up equipment and tableware. Maintain health code standards.

Events Operations  Manage logistics to ensure successful event experiences. Plan, organize, and manage conferences and events. Perform scheduling, event planning, conference management, and registration management duties. Oversee and execute room set-up.

Maintenance  Encompasses tasks related to routine and general maintenance of all campus facilities through execution of basic maintenance and repair, which may include light carpentry work, installation of drywall, light masonry, painting, locksmithing, appliance maintenance, light welding, and/or pest control.​

Facilities Management & Operations Manage, organize, coordinate, and perform activities that support the institution’s facilities operations.

Groundskeeping  Encompasses maintenance of a high standard of appearance, cleanliness and safety of campus grounds. Duties may include grounds and irrigation system maintenance, landscape design and installation, snow removal and emergency response such as cleaning up storm damage.

Mail Services  Manage and perform activities to prepare, pick up, and deliver mail and packages for distribution. May run a copy center, order office supplies and ensure office equipment is serviced and in working order.

Parking and Ground Transportation  Encompasses transportation of university equipment, supplies, materials and passengers, and regulation of parking lots and structures. Duties may include the pick-up and delivery of materials; driving and chauffeuring; receiving, checking, and storing of materials; and basic maintenance of vehicles. Duties also include the management of those functions.

Research Technology Support Provides support for the University's research through the effective use of technology.

Safety   Manage, develop, implement, and monitor environmental safety programs and policies for the institution. Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local environmental, health, and safety regulations regarding environmental issues, clinical and research laboratories, facilities, and equipment. Promote compliance with safety practices and regulations to achieve healthy workplaces. Handle chemical, radiation, fire and life, occupational blood borne, and microbiological exposure safety.

Skilled Crafts and Trades Encompasses the execution of work, typically in a hands-on domain, requiring a specialized skillset, knowledge base, or ability.​

Warehouse (Distribution) Services  Encompasses the provision of services and materials to support campus. Services provided include the purchase and delivery of custodial and maintenance materials to all campus buildings and residence halls.​
Accounting Encompasses preparation, monitoring and reconciliation of financial information to reflect the condition of the organization's accounts. Duties include compiling and reconciling financial transactions, preparing appropriate financial statements and reports relating to an assigned area of responsibility; reconciling records for audits; and developing, implementing and monitoring accounting systems, policies and procedures.

Budgeting and Planning  Gathers and analyzes budgets through the review of actual performance, previous expenditures and budgetary controls for the financial programs of colleges and departments within the university.

Financial Support  Provides support in the operation of a variety of financial activities including financial analysis, audit, tax, collections and more.

Grant Accounting   Ensures the compliance of grants and contract proposals through the financial transaction recording standards.

Payroll  Manages the processing of company payroll to ensure accurate calculation of wages, tax withholdings, and deductions.

Procurement  Oversee acquisition of goods and services, including equipment acquisition and negotiation of complex contract terms and conditions involved with purchase of products and services. Responsible for market analysis, development of competitive solicitations, including request for bids and proposals, and management of the supply chain. Use strategic sourcing methods. Develop procurement systems, policies and procedures. Monitor and report expenditures with third-party suppliers.

Tax Manages the preparation of tax planning, filings, and reporting in compliance with all required regulations.

Treasury Performs treasury operations that includes the oversight in investments of operating funds, managing cash funds, foreign exchange, debt and capital management.
Clinical Laboratory  Perform, develop, evaluate, prepare, and manage testing services within laboratories. Testing services include human, animal, and plant diagnostics; surveillance; screening; emergency preparedness; occupational health; environmental monitoring; and forensic science.

Health Professionals Provide healthcare services within a particular discipline. Test, interpret, evaluate, diagnose, manage, treat, or prevent conditions and diseases. Establish plans of care. Obtain and process specimens. Perform clinical laboratory analysis and imaging. Provide clinical services. Prepare or dispense medications. Provide counseling in a clinical, research, or public health and safety setting. Teach students in a clinical setting.

Health Services Administration Perform, manage, or lead activities to ensure that health services, medical care, medical and health professions education, and research programs are delivered effectively, efficiently, and securely. Support, plan, organize, direct, evaluate, and improve health care operations, clinical education programs, research programs, and health information systems. Perform healthcare administration, healthcare regulatory compliance, patient relations, and operational services.

Wellness Education and Programming   Provide and support education and training programs for health services professionals, including providers and health professionals in training. Provide support for health services accreditation and continuing education programs. Coordinate workshops, training, simulation technology, mentoring, instructional materials, seminars, case conference, and other educational resources and programs.

Benefits Administers the University's benefit programs, including life, health and disability insurance; perquisites such as tuition reduction; and pension and other retirement programs. Selects benefits consultants, administrators, and providers; and ensures that the benefits offering remains competitive in the marketplace. Responsible for identifying, benchmarking, designing, recommending and communicating employee benefits programs including health and financial benefits, disability, leave, retirement, and wellness programs that fit within the total rewards structure and attract and retain talent.

Compensation Identifies, assesses, designs, and recommends, administers market competitive compensation programs that attract and retain employees, drive performance and organizational results, and provide rewards and recognition for individuals and teams. Partners with technology and process design resources to deliver compensation solutions into the organization including the base pay program, annual salary planning, and incentives.

Employee Relations Maintains and improves employee relationships via communication, performance management, processing grievances and disputes, and interpreting university policies. Designs, implements, assesses, and administers the University's employee relations policies and practices related to performance management, employee development, employee engagement, attendance, leave, and grievance procedures. Develops and implements measures to increase employee morale, motivation and satisfaction, while reducing turnover. Supports the employee relations needs by providing consultative and training services to managers/supervisors and employees.

HR Campus Partners Helps leaders effectively utilize core HR programs and processes and provides consultation by aligning business objectives with employee and manger needs on cross discipline matters including performance, succession, learning, compensation, benefits, etc.

Learning and Development Develops and implements training and career development policies and programs. Reviews the University's structures, processes, and long-term plans, implements training and career development programs, designs and manages the University's performance measurement system, plans for leadership and management succession, and conducts employee research.

Recruiting/Talent Acquisition Develops and implements ongoing strategy and process of sourcing, recruiting, and selecting talent. Maintains accurate and secure recruitment records. Establishes processes for university wide outreach, affirmative action, and EEO compliance efforts.
IT Applications  Designs, documents, develops, modifies, maintains, and supports of new or existing applications software.

IT Business Analysis  Partners with colleges, divisions, and departments to understand and define IT system needs. May involve developing, recommending, and maintaining solutions, and planning for implementation, integration, and maintenance of solutions into business process or system design.

Data Analytics Analyzes and interprets data from multiple sources to draw insight and meet the needs of stakeholders.

IT Infrastructure  Responsible for the data management, application and systems administration, and telecommunications.

IT Multi-Discipline Responsible for administering and developing IT systems and processes with expertise and knowledge that spans multiple sub-families within IT.

IT Project Management  Monitors and manages the technology projects using standard project management techniques. Includes creating projects estimates, reporting, resource, and capacity planning.​

IT Security  Ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems, networks, and data through the planning, analysis, development, implementation, maintenance, and enhancement of information systems security programs, policies, procedures and tools. ​

IT Support  Plans and delivers customer support services, including installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and customer assistance for customer technology.

IT Telecommunications Manages a wide range of information-transmitting technologies and communications infrastructures, such as wired phones, mobile devices, fiber optics, audiovisual classroom and collaboration technology.
Audit Examines, verifies, evaluates and reports on financial, operational, and managerial processes, policies, and systems to ensure integrity and compliance. Reports findings and makes recommendations for improvements.

Compliance   Organization's compliance with laws, policies, and acceptable institutional practices, regulatory and quality standards and fosters a culture of integrity. Works with colleges and units to develop and implement internal controls, processes and programs that access and enhance compliance. Investigates reports of ethics or compliance violations.

Government and Corporate Relations  Guides and represents the organization on legislative and regulatory matters with elected and other government officials at the federal, state, and local levels. Ensures the organization is represented effectively and influencing efforts are successfully pursued to shape the regulatory environment. Monitors the progress of legislative and regulatory matters of interest to the organization and provides analysis to leadership. Develops strategy to effectively inform officials of the organization's needs and concerns and engages stakeholders in similar organizations.
Corporate relations represents the university to external partners and affiliates. Initiates, cultivates and expands corporate relationships to further the mission of the university, enhance public visibility and achieve other objectives including placement opportunities for students, joint development activities, corporate philanthropy, sponsored research, affinity and technology transfer.

Legal  Represents the organization and specific public interest agencies on assigned legal matters including the development of legal strategies and gathering of evidence to defend organization against legal claims and charges. Provides legal advice and counsel or performs paralegal work in research and legal data collection. Reviews, edits or prepares supporting legal documentation and may seek, review or direct the services of outside counsel.

Student Conduct Investigates and resolves student conduct cases for possible violations. Assists with programs and activities that educates students on their rights, shares available campus resources, and creates formal channels of conflict resolution.
Archives and Collections  Provides services related to the management, preservation and special collection of materials in various formats.

Library Services  Manages the operations of the university's library service function through the development of policies, computer searches, circulation, and research.

Museum & Historical Services  Offers various services through the planning of museum programs, acquisition of objects, exhibitions and conservation.
Police & Security  Provides law enforcement, loss prevention, and/or security services to the community to protect life and/or property, promote order, and preserve the general welfare through enforcement and/or education of state laws and referral of applicable university rules and regulations.

Emergency Management Provides emergency management program activities including disaster preparedness planning, training, and modeling to test emergency response.
<Post-Award Administration Manage or provide post-award administration of sponsored programs. Establish awards in the institution’s system, monitor expenditures, ensure compliance with federal, university, and sponsor guidelines, oversee sub-award activities, administer cost-share and effort reporting requirements, prepare invoices, manage receivables, coordinate audits, and submit financial reports.

Pre-Award Administration Manage or provide pre-award administration of sponsored programs. Identify grant opportunities, facilitate proposal development, contribute to non-technical components of proposals, process proposals, develop budgets, negotiate grants and contracts, ensure compliance with laws, regulations, policies, and terms and conditions. Issue sub-awards and sub-contracts

Research Administration Services Manage or perform activities related to multiple areas of sponsored projects administration including, but not limited to pre-award and post-award activities. Duties are multi-dimensional in nature, but not always to the exclusion of specialty skills, and typically include various cross functional duties and responsibility. Manage or perform analytical and financial activities associated with cost studies, forecasting, planning, and managing research portfolios. Plan, direct, and implement a variety of research administrative functions, processes, and systems. This sub-group includes jobs with primary duties that are so diverse they span multiple subfamilies.

Research Compliance Supports the research community by promoting and ensuring University compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Research Development Responsible for the proactive identification, planning and development of funding opportunities for research programs.
Lab and Research Support  Establishes, implements, and monitors laboratory policies and procedures, ensuring that lab operations are efficient, effective, and compliant with established procedures.

Laboratory Animal Care Cares for large or small animals and provides support with feeding, cleaning, and treatments to ensure compliance with animal care regulations and in support of research and instruction.
Academic Advising  Fosters student success through programs and strategies which support fulfillment of educational goals. Includes advising students on university policies, procedures, program and degree requirements and a range of other academic matters.

Admissions and Recruitment  Performs activities related to the recruitment, evaluation, and selection of students seeking entrance to the institution. Initiates, implements and monitors strategies and procedures that ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of recruitment, evaluation, and selection.

Career Services  Provides career advising and counseling, as well as professional development, experiential learning and other programs providing real-world experiences to enhance learning, demonstrate capabilities, and to prepare undergraduate, graduate and professional students and alumni for post-graduation outcomes.

Financial Aid  Strategizes, plans and processes student financial aid operations. Includes financial counseling, award verification and determination, funds management, risk management and compliance with federal, state, local and athletic organizations regulations and requirements, as well as university policies.

Global Engagement Advances the global reach of the institution and its students and faculty. Supports the university to ensure successful international initiatives, student experiences through global education programs, university intercultural and area studies, and/or advising of non-immigrant needs of international students, scholars, and employees.

Recreation Programs  Supports student wellness initiatives by providing recreation programs, events, services, and activities for students, faculty, staff and community members.

Residential Life  Develops and implements residential life programs, services, activities, and processes for students living on campus. Plans and administers housing services.

Student Access  Provides support and resources to ensure equal opportunities for all students. Ensures equal access to educational opportunities by coordinating accommodations and services, advocating for students' needs, and fostering an inclusive learning environment.

Student Programs   Provides programing to educate and equip students with various knowledge and skills with a focus on allowing students to become successful.

Student Records  Manages the records of students according to the policy and retention guidelines.

Career Tracks

We will have 3 Career Tracks at the University of Mississippi. Definitions are listed below.

  • Operational Contributor
  • Professional Contributor
  • Manager / Leader

Career Levels

Within each career track, there will be multiple levels.  The level of a role will be graded against the follow dimensions.

  • Complexity of work,
  • Communication responsibilities
  • Scope of accountability
  • Autonomy
  • Effective knowledge
  • People management (when required)


Career TrackDetailLevel
Operational ContributorOperational Contributors provide support and/or service in a "hands-on" environment that contributes to regular University operations. This may include, but is not limited to, work that is administrative technical, and/or operational in nature. Positions in this category are generally paid on an hourly basis.Operationsl Contributor I
Operationsl Contributor II
Operationsl Contributor III
Professional ContributorProfessional Contributors design, implement, guide, and/or deliver processes, programs, and/or policies using specialized knowledge or skills typically acquired through advanced education or equivalent advanced learning attained through experience. Positions in the category are typically salaried, though entry levels may include hourly compensation.Professional Contributor I
Professional Contributor II
Professional Contributor III
Professional Contributor IV
Manager/LeaderManagers/Leaders oversee broad portfolios of responsibility; plan, prioritize, and/or direct responsibilities of employees; and/or manage strategy and policy development for a function, department, or unit. Positions in this category typically have multiple direct reports and are generally exempt under the FLSA.Manager/Leader I
Manager/Leader II
Manager/Leader III
Manager/Leader IV
Manager/Leader IV


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