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Project Phases

The View 2022 project can be broken up into the phases and sub-phases listed below. As a complex project, many of these phases and sub-phases will overlap and coincide.

Phase 1 – Understand the Current State (Complete)

  • Analysis of current Pay Structures, Assess current employees’ view on current classification system, how we compare to external markets today

Phase 2 – Establish Foundations (Complete)

  • Build a Pay Structure framework.  Consistent spreads, and progression percentages
  • Build a Classification framework.  How we define work.   Job Families, Sub Families, Career Tracks, and Career Levels.  Build definitions and criteria behind all levels of Classification framework

Phase 3 – Develop/Update Job Profiles (Complete)

  • Build draft profiles.  Utilize subject matter experts (SMEs) from across campus to review all profiles
  • SMEs review draft Profiles and make edits, additions, deletions.  Build profiles to capture what work is being completed here at the University.
  • Consultants and HR review notes, make adjustments to all Profiles

Phase 4 – Map Incumbents to New Profiles (Complete)

  • Build draft of where all current employees could be placed within new structure
  • Review Draft with leadership
  • Leadership works throughout their team to make edits as to where all their employees would be mapped
  • Consultants and HR review requested changes

Phase 5 – Develop Pay Range Structure and Administration (In Progress)

  • Build draft pay range structure with consistent pay ranges and pay progression
  • Adjust width and ranges based upon market data
  • Finalize pay Range structure
  • Place all Job Profiles into pay Pay Range Structure

Phase 6 – Communication and Implement (In Progress)

  • Communicate and educate current employees on the new, finalized compensation design
  • Anticipated Phase I Implementation: January – June 2024
  • Anticipated Phase II Implementation: July – December 2024



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Updated: 11/06/23