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Human Resources
University of Mississippi

Additional Compensation

 (Form 40)

The following situations are appropriate for additional pay via a Form 40:

  1. Faculty teaching courses considered an overload.
  2. Additional duties performed outside of the scope of the assigned position description.
  3. Awards.
  4. Teaching courses during Summer and Winter Intersessions.

Regarding Staff Teaching Courses During the Work Day

Effective August 22, 2019, staff employees will no longer be automatically charged a bulk amount of accrued personal leave for time away from work during their standard workday for teaching a course.   While taking advantage of this opportunity, it is expected the employee will fulfill their assigned duties and accurately report time and attendance.  To ensure compliance, the following options are available.

  • With approval of their supervisor, the employee may adjust their work schedule to make up missed hours within the same workweek.  All full-time employees are required to work a minimum of 40 hours during the standard workweek.
  • If the schedule isn’t adjusted to make up for the missed work time, the employee may use personal leave if a sufficient balance is available.
  • If hours are not made up and accrued personal leave is unavailable,
    –  AND the employee is exempt/salaried, the department must
    process a Form 3 to reduce the employee’s compensation
    for missed hours.
    –  AND the employee is non-exempt/hourly, they will not get paid for
    a full 40 hours during that particular work week.   Hourly employees
    should record time exactly as worked within their home
    department on the time sheet.

Should an audit be conducted, it will be the department’s responsibility to account for time logged as hours worked or accrued leave taken.  These records should remain within the departmental files.


  • A full-time hourly employee is teaching a 3-hour course.  They are away from the office for two (2) additional hours to proctor an exam.  To ensure 40 hours are reported, they may:
    1.  Adjust their work schedule so 40 hours are worked, or
    2.   Work 35 hours and use 5 hours accrued personal leave.
  • A full-time salaried employee is teaching a 3-hour course.  They have insufficient personal leave and hours are not made up.  To ensure the employee is not overpaid, department must process a Form 3 to reduce the employee’s compensation.  The form must be processed within the same pay period and be received in Human Resources by the E-forms deadline.

The request to teach a class during the normal business hours remains subject to the department head’s approval and supervisors/managers are responsible for understanding the pay and leave policies and applying them accurately.

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