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Human Resources
University of Mississippi

Steps to reclassify or establish a new position:

Completion of the electronic  Job Analysis Questionnaire (e-JAQ)

Any time a department wishes to establish a new permanent position or reclassify an existing position, the department must complete a job analysis questionnaire (e-JAQ), which is  accessed through MyOleMiss.

Request JAQ Access




The e-JAQ must be routed and approved by all appropriate parties before sending to Human Resources for review. Routing should include:  supervisor of position, department head, dean, vice chancellor or provost.

Once the Compensation/Classification Area has completed a review of the e-JAQ, a determination will be made and a recommendation routed  to the appropriate division head to finalize the review  and provide next step instructions.

Instructions for Completion of the electronic  Job Analysis Questionnaire (e-JAQ)