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Human Resources
University of Mississippi

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Value-Based Competencies for all Staff Members

Community of Learning

Keeps his/her technical skills current; effectively applies knowledge and skills to perform work tasks; understands and masters the technical skills, knowledge, and tasks associated with his/her job; shares technical expertise with others. Recognizes new problems and situations; invests time to learn and master new processes or tools.  Adjusts to a change in duties, procedure, supervisors or work environment. Shifts priorities and focuses on tasks outside his/her normal responsibilities when needed.

Fairness and Civility

Able to see issues from multiple perspectives; acknowledges and controls for existing assumptions and beliefs that might influence his/her views. Reacts to feedback in a positive, constructive manner; encourages others to provide suggestions regarding things he/she might do differently.   Provides just treatment and manages conflicts appropriately.

Good Stewardship

Actively supports University’s goals and values; demonstrates enthusiasm toward the mission and vision; aligns actions around organizational mission.  Allocates time and attention based on what is the most important to achieve key goals and objectives; approaches work in an organized and systematic manner; effectively manages tasks, information, and requests.  Critically reviews work processes to ensure quality; addresses problems that could impact quality. Understands and follows policies; encourages others to follow work rules; calls attention to actions that may violate policies and procedures.

Individual Integrity

Clearly states goals and beliefs; lets people know his/her true intentions; does what he she said they would do; follows through on commitments.  Understands and follows policies; encourages others to follow work rules; calls attention to actions that may violate policies and procedures.

Promotes Inclusiveness

Shows respect for the beliefs and traditions of others; encourages and promotes practices that support cultural diversity; discourages behaviors or practices that may be perceived as unfair, biased, or critical toward people with certain backgrounds.

Respect for the Dignity of Each Person

Builds strong relationships; aware of others’ needs, concerns and satisfaction; responds promptly to questions and requests; and effectively manages expectations.  Expresses ideas and information in a clear, concise and appropriate manner; tailors message to fit the interests and needs of the audience; delivers information in a manner that is interesting and compelling to the listener.


Job Group Specific Competencies
Performance Management
Probationary Reviews for New Staff Members
Progressive Discipline for Staff Members

The University complies with all applicable laws regarding affirmative action and equal opportunity in all its activities and programs and does not discriminate against anyone protected by law because of age, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, status as a veteran or disabled veteran or genetic information. More information