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Human Resources
University of Mississippi

Tuition benefit and other reminders

Posted on: May 2nd, 2017 by

Precious Pratt Thompson (right), senior secretary in the Mississippi Small Business Development Center, attends Music 101 tuition-free, thanks to the university’s tuition benefit.


Further education (tuition benefit)
Qualifying employees may take courses, payable by the university, as an educational benefit. The cost of tuition is covered by the university, but employees are responsible for associated fees. To request a tuition waiver, complete a Form 19 (Permission to Take a Course), which can be accessed at Employees are not required to use personal leave when attending in-class lectures.

Additionally, a staff development textbook scholarship is available to employees in need of monetary assistance when purchasing textbooks and/or other required materials. Information about this program and the application to apply for this benefit are available on the Staff Council website:

If you are interested in developing your professional skills, consider these courses:
Writ 310 – Writing in Professional Contexts
Csci 191 – Office Applications
Csci 192 – Computing Applications

Limits to student employment hours
Please remember that student workers are limited to 25 hours per week.

International students should work no more than 20 hours per week during the academic year – no exceptions. During the summer, international students (who are not enrolled) can work 25 hours per week.

Permission to engage in outside work
Faculty and staff are permitted to engage in outside employment, provided permission is first obtained from the chancellor and outside employment will not interfere with the duties of the employee requesting such permission.

In addition, the employee is not allowed to engage in a business or profession that would in any manner compete with a similar business or profession over which he/she has direct supervision, inspection or purchasing authority within the university or agency, such being a conflict of interest. The request must be processed each fiscal year, July 1st – June 30th. Complete details and form are available on the Human Resources webpage.