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Human Resources
University of Mississippi

Not Your Parents’ HR: A Note from Andrea Jekabsons

Your Human Resources team is committed to launching strategic improvements that address emerging workplace needs, topics and trends. I’m pleased to share updates on recent initiatives that align with the “Empower Now” strategic framework and are designed to recruit, retain and invest in highly skilled faculty and staff. We are committed to your career development and further expanding career paths.


View 2022: a redesign of our compensation program for staff. Read more about View 2022.


Pulse Survey: pulse checks to help leaders strengthen and empower our employees. Read more about Pulse Surveys.


Total Compensation Calculator: a tool to tally your total compensation, which goes beyond the number on your paycheck. The university provides generous leave, health plans and retirement contributions that add to your bottom line.


Virtual Employee Assistance Program: The EAP provides virtual, confidential assistance to employees and their household members covering a wide range of family, marital, work-life and mental health issues. Find out all about our external partner, Deer Oaks.


360 Degree Feedback: a series of HR-hosted focus groups with employees from various departments to help design the feedback-gathering process. More information coming soon!


Crosschq Automatic Reference Checking: this new cloud-based reference check system for staff positions has been integrated with our connectU Recruiting module. Crosschq is efficient, easy to use, and provides more detailed and credible information about our final candidates.


The HR team will continue to explore and implement new initiatives that contribute to a vibrant, supportive workplace where employees can thrive. Please reach out to me any time with questions or comments.


Andrea M. Jekabsons

Chief Human Resources Officer