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Human Resources
University of Mississippi

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Sure, Deer Oaks EAP speaks English . . .
Deer Oaks provides daily living concierge services like assistance with vacation planning, and resource locators like pet sitters, sick child daycare, adult daycare services and more.

The University is pleased to offer both on- and off-campus resources for employee assistance. Through these services, employees can access provide confidential assistance to employees covering a wide range of family, marital, work-life, and mental health issues. In the case of Deer Oaks EAP, employees and their household members can access these benefits.

On-campus: The University Counseling Center offers on-site counseling to employees. It is a confidential service available to all administration, faculty, and staff.

Off-campus: UM’s comprehensive employee wellness program, Red, Blue & Well, offers additional, off-campus counseling and other wellness services to University of Mississippi employees and their families through our partnership with Deer Oaks EAP. All services are free and completely confidential for employees — and for anyone in the employee’s household. Services include: mental health counseling, coaching toward a personal or professional goal, a work-life locator service, legal and financial counseling, Take the High Road ride reimbursement program, monthly newsletters, and a wide range of webinars, articles, and other wellness resources at

Toll-free Helpline: (888) 993-7650
(once on website, click “member login” and use “staywell” for both username and password, or click here)
iConnectYou App Registration Code: 231711


Mental health care providers who would like to be included in Deer Oaks’s referral network may call 1-888-993-7650 and request a Credentialing Packet.