Human Resources

University of Mississippi

Annual Staff Performance Review

Performance reviews are due Wednesday, May 31st.

Step 1:  Meet with employees and submit completed paper forms to Human Resources at Howry Hall.

Step 2:  Submit online certification through myOleMiss portal

Supervisors must certify online by May 31st, or

  1. Log into and go to the Administrator tab
  2. Open the “HR Tools for Administrators” group
  3. Select Staff Performance Appraisals Certification

Instructional Materials:


Employees hired prior to October 1, 2016 are eligible for the annual performance review/appraisal.


Examples of levels of performance and talking points:

Levels And Talking Points in Print Version


Unsuccessful Successful Special Recognition
  • Reluctant to handle problems
  • Identifies but does not rectify own mistakes/responsibilities
  • Manages priorities, however struggles with disorganization and/or time management
  • Lacks sense of urgency, poor time management
  • Inconsistently completes cost effective work, does not seek out other ways to save
  • Strives, but struggles to habitually make ethical decisions/actions
  • effectively and consistently applies independent problem solving
  • embraces mistakes, takes initiatives to improve own work
  • sets and executes priorities thoroughly and efficiently
  • demonstrates consistent cost effectiveness in all components of work
  • reliability and regularly makes ethical decisions/actions
  • excels at independent problem solving
  • welcomes mistakes, adapts own work to improve the organization
  • institutes and integrates priorities to maximize organization efficiency
  • models supreme time management through organization and execution
  • maximize cost effectiveness through targeted incorporation of all possible resources
  • delivers and encourages model ethical decisions/actions


Unsuccessful Successful Special Recognition
  • could improve listening skills
  • could improve writing quality
  • could prepare better for presentations
  • could share information more often
  • disorganized writing
  • presentations too technical
  • reports contain inaccuracies
  • reports sometimes too late
  • spoken ideas not clear
  • uses jargon, confusing terminology
  • generally good communicator
  • generally listens well
  • generally shares information with team
  • good verbal communicator
  • good writer
  • makes good presentations
  • excellent listener
  • excellent verbal communicator
  • outstanding writer
  • promotes candid and open atmosphere
  • delivers outstanding presentations
  • enthusiastic public speaker
  • reports are always accurate, punctual
  • shares information with team

Customer Focus

Unsuccessful Successful Special Recognition
  • appears unresponsive to customers
  • doesn’t help internal customers
  • doesn’t understand customer perspective
  • inadequate customer knowledge
  • inconsistent customer follow-through
  • over-commits to customers
  • should seek more customer feedback
  • considers customers’ perspective
  • courteous to customers
  • follows through
  • follows through with customers
  • gets customer feedback
  • helps internal customers


  • actively seeks customer feedback
  • always follows through
  • always helps all customers
  • always sees customers’ perspective
  • conscientious with customers
  • courteous, responsive to customers



Unsuccessful Successful Special Recognition
  • does not request feedback
  • sometimes excessively critical
  • new to share more information
  • doesn’t meet responsibilities
  • misses team deadlines
  • relies on own opinion
  • works alone, tries to do it all
  • communicates with team members
  • delivers on team commitments
  • generally works well with groups
  • helps create team spirit
  • helps leader meet goals


  • always requests feedback, gives feedback
  • provides team with accurate data
  • able to resolve conflict
  • can handle disagreement
  • clear on responsibilities, deadlines
  • excellent listening skills
  • always a team player


If you have questions, contact Andrea Jekabsons at or (662) 915-1530.