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Human Resources

University of Mississippi

Top 10 Policies – Fall 2017 Issue

Number 1:  Outside Employment

Considering working for extra spending money? If you would like to work after hours and weekend hours in a retail shop, sale and distribution products such as Mary Kay, Avon, CAbi, Juice Plus, jewelry, etc., teach at other institutions while teaching at the University, consult or participate in outside business ventures, check out the Non-Institutional Employment Practices policy. These are just a few examples of outside employment. Review the policy for a complete explanation of non-institutional (outside) employment and submit a form at the beginning of each fiscal year, July 1.

Number 2:  Drug-Free Workplace and Workforce

In accordance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, as amended, the University disseminates educational materials, protocols, and resources that have been established to maintain a drug-free workplace and workforce.  The University of Mississippi Drug-Free Workplace and Workforce policy (HRO.FR.200.020), which serves as the annual notice, provides employees with information about the dangers of substance abuse, notification requirements for criminal drug statute convictions, disciplinary action when convictions occur, and details about the Drug-Free Awareness Program.   Please take a moment to read the attached notice and let’s all be committed to ensuring the University is a safe and healthy work environment.

The information provided in this email is also available on the policy website at

Number 3:  Further Education (Tuition Reimbursement)

With approval of the department head, qualifying employees may enroll for
course work to further their education. The regulations are given as to the
number of courses allowed for full-time, part-time and temporary employees
for the regular semesters, summer school and intersession. Requirements are
also given for registration, how retirees are eligible for course work and
what is necessary if a course is not successfully completed.

Number 4:  Employee Responsibilities

We are here to serve. University employees have the responsibility to serve the University as they would serve any other efficient and progressive organization, and to give courteous service to students, faculty and visitors on campus. Learn more about the “Employee Responsibilities” policy.

Number 5 and 6: Code of Ethics & Conduct and Conflict of Interest

Employees at the University are expected to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. This policy outlines some sources of information concerning
ethical standards on campus.  Code of Ethics and Conduct

Related:  Could a decision I make appear to benefit me personally? The Conflict of Interest policy provides guidelines for determining whether an employee has a conflict of interest in regard to a business transaction or relationship.

Number 7: Violence-Free Workplace

The University of Mississippi’s goal is to ensure the safety of all university campuses, facilities, activities, and events so that students, employees (faculty and staff), and visitors can work, learn, and enjoy an environment free from violence and threats. The purpose of this newly established policy, Violence-Free Workplace, is to encourage all employees to report incidents of threats, aggression, and other prohibited behaviors and acts of any individual(s) on university properties to their immediate supervisor, University Police Department, and/or Human Resources. This policy lists prohibited conduct and outlines reporting responsibilities and procedures should a safety concern arise.

Number 8 and Number 9:  Procurement Card

Procurement card violations are serious. Anyone using a university procurement card (credit card) should review and understanding both of these policies: “Use of Procurement Card” and “Procurement Card Violations.”

and Number 10:  Holiday Pay

Are You Ready….for another holiday?! Nonexempt employees employed in benefit eligible positions who are assigned to work by their supervisor on an official holiday, such as Memorial Day on May 29th, should be paid one and one-half times their regular rate in addition to the holiday pay, which is eight hours. However, if an employee should prefer time off within the holiday period, it may be granted at the option of the department head on an hour-for-hour basis. Learn more about “Holiday Pay.

These and all policies may be found at

The University complies with all applicable laws regarding affirmative action and equal opportunity in all its activities and programs and does not discriminate against anyone protected by law because of age, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, status as a veteran or disabled veteran or genetic information. More information

For more information please contact the Andrea Jekabsons at 662-915-1530.