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Preferred names such as ‘Sally’ and ‘Bubba’ may be used in informal communications

Posted on: May 2nd, 2017 by

Jerry R. Daniels (right), Landscape Services grounds supervisor, now can include his preferred name, Bubba, in informal university communications.


Have you ever had a desire for your preferred name, such as a nickname, to be displayed in less formal communications or online? Well, HR listened and has provided you with a mechanism to submit your preferred name.

A preferred name can be slightly different from your legal name or a name to which you are most commonly referred. When indicated, your preferred name will be used in less formal communications and be displayed in the university’s online directory, email and myOleMiss.

Preferred names will not be used for official university business or on any official documentation submitted by the Department of Human Resources due to legal requirements. However, whenever reasonably possible, a preferred name will be used.

Examples of a preferred name

  • Your legal name is William John Doe. Your preferred name might be Bill Doe.
  • Your legal name is Mary Katherine Jackson. Your preferred name might be Kat Jackson.
  • Your legal name is James Scott Robinson. Your preferred name might be Bo Robinson.

How to set your preferred name

  • Visit Employee Self-Service through the myOleMiss portal
  • Select Employee Tab
  • Under HR Tab: Select Address and Communication Preferences
  • Click on Preferred Name and Gender Identification
  • Enter Preferred Name, Preferred Gender and/or Preferred Courtesy Title (e.g., Mr., Mrs. or Ms.)

Note: A preferred name may be used as long as it is not in any form of misrepresentation or fraud. In addition, the university reserves the right to remove the preferred name if it contains inappropriate or offensive language. Any inappropriate preferred name will be removed and changed back to the employee’s legal name.