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Human Resources
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Form 13 – Payment for Personal Services as a Consultant/Independent Contractor


For services rendered by an individual or a stipend paid to a participant.  A Form 13 cannot be used for a current employee, including a student employee


The vendor must be created by Procurement in SAP prior to creating a Form 13 (simply need a vendor application)

Click here for instructions on how to search for a vendor when creating the Form 13

Payee Information

There are approximately 10 questions related to the payee asked to determine eligibility to be paid as a consultant/independent contractor.  These questions must be answered accurately.

Purchase Requisition

Submit a purchase requisition if payments will be made on a future date or if there will be multiple payments. If a purchase requisition is required, it must be created prior to creating a Form 13

International Guest Lecturer or Contractor

The University of Mississippi encourages the free exchange of ideas and knowledge through the hosting of visiting lecturers and performers.

Within the United States

When hosting an international guest lecturer or contractor who will perform services within the United States, the University of Mississippi is limited by very specific regulations from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Labor regarding payment and honoraria. Complete the Form 13-S and return the paper form to International Programs.

Outside of the United States

The individual will need to complete a W-8BEN in order to be set up as a vendor.  The individual will be required to provide wire transfer instructions from their bank as well as a timesheet/invoice for each payment.  The department must indicate on the Form 13-S that the work was completed outside of the US.


Department Head, Provost/Vice Chancellor (if over $5,000), Human Resources, Procurement

Other Resources

If only reimbursing for travel expenses, then a “request for payment” is acceptable.

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