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Form 3 – Change of Status


Change (or correction) in status: title, position, classification, compensation basis, separation for stipend students.


Section – Select Employee

Personnel Number – Enter the personnel number or click on the double window icon at the end of the field for the Search Personnel box, if you don’t know the personnel number.

The current employee information will populate in the “Current Employment Information” section.

Exceptions to the pre-filled form section:

  • Temporary, Non-Eligible – The department will need to include current pay and cost distribution
  • Faculty paid on a semester basis – The pay rate for faculty hired for one semester will display correctly; however “9 Month” will display instead of “Semester”

This portion of the form includes the current information that has been pre-filled.  You cannot click and make the changes under “Current Cost Center” in this section.  Once you select an option under “Recommended Change” (explained below) you will be able to “Add a Cost Center” and enter the cost distribution information.

Section – Recommend Change

Select the appropriate reason from the drop down menu, *Form Section

Change in Title/Classification or Compensation Basis – Only enter the information that reflects the recommended change.  Do not include any information that is not changing.

Change Form 11 or Form 40 – Always reference the previous Form Number, for example Form 12345678, in the text box.  Changes to Form 11 should be routed to Accounting.

Change in Cost Distribution Only – Select “Change in Cost Distribution Only” under Click on the “Add Account” button to include the account information.

“Percentage” under Cost Distribution refers to the percentage that the particular cost center(s) will be charged.

The percentage total for the cost distribution percentages must equal 100%. 

It does not refer the employee’s full time equivalency FTE (how many hours the employee will work out of the forty hour week).  For example, an employee who is working 20 hours a week, .50 (50%) FTE still requires the cost center percentage to equal 100%.

The cost center information CANNOT be entered into SAP unless the total is equivalent to 100%.  (No really, it can’t.  Our kind folks in HR get an error message from SAP when the total does not equal 100%.)

For Overtime Purposes Only – Only required if the overtime payment will be charged to a cost center other than the home department.  Include cost center to charge overtime pay and the effective dates.

Separation of Employment – “Last Day of Actual Service” is the last day the employee will be paid any kind of payment (regular pay, personal leave, medical leave…) also known as the last day on the payroll.  Do not submit a Form 3 to “separate” an employee transferring out of your department to another department on campus.

Leave of Absence – When leave has been exhausted (zero balance):
For salaried employees who are on leave for partial days, submit a Form 3 and include the DATE and the total number of hours to deduct each day.

When leave has been exhausted (zero balance) for salaried employees who are on leave for partial days, submit a Form 3 and include the DATE and the total number of hours to deduct each day.

12/2/2013 – 3 hours
12/3/2013 – 4 hours
12/4/2013 – 8 hours

Do not enter “unused leave” on timesheets

Change of Name – Include a reason for the name change (married or divorced).  The name cannot be entered until the student provides a new social security card.

Section – Notes and Action

Include a brief reason or justification for salary changes


Funding source change requires the Provost’s and Budget Office’s approval only if it involves a 10 account

Student stipend forms require at least the department head’s approval

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