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Human Resources
University of Mississippi

Form 18 – Student Employment


The purpose is to hire Students on an hourly basis.

The form is used for a new assignment (include an end date – no later than 3 years), to change an existing student hourly assignment, to extend a student assignment and to separate a student from employment.


In order the complete the form the following information is required:

  • Purpose (New Assignment, Extend, Change, or End Assignment)
  • Department
  • Effective Date (start date in the position)
  • Anticipated Stop Date (not to exceed three years)
  • Maximum Hours to Work Per Week – Note the maximum allowable hours
Maximum Allowable Hours
All US Citizens or Permanent Resident 25 hours per week
International Student Employees on F-1 or J-1 Student Visa 20 hours per week
  • Time Administrator
  • Hourly Rate (the minimum is currently $7.25/hr and recommended is at least $7.40)
  • Cost Distribution (Cost centers and multiple cost center percentages must equal up to 100%)


The form may be routed directly from the department to Human Resources.  No additional approvals are required for Student Hourly employees processed on a Form 18.

Upon Approval

A member of the Human Resources team will send the student an email containing a link to the Onboarding wizard to complete the required forms.  Paper forms are not available.

The student is required to visit Human Resources to provide acceptable I-9 supporting document(s) as required by federal law.  The student cannot receive a paycheck without completing this step.


  • The form may not be entered immediately; please, hold the telephone calls
  • The student will receive an email with the link to complete required forms.  Ensure the email address is accurate and remind the student to check their email.

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