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Human Resources
University of Mississippi

Form 1 – Personnel Employment


Personnel employment that was not processed through a formal search within connectU.

For personnel hires processed through a formal search within connectU, refer to the instructions on how to process an offer approval.

  • Each Temporary Instructors’ assignments and retirees’ appointments
  • Each temporary or Rebel Reserve assignment
  • Each periodic/On-Call positions

Form 1 Temporary Instructors

  • If a form is to includes a pay rate for the semester, do not use the “Per Course” rate, use “Semester” or “9 months”
  • “Per Course” is used only if a Form 40 will be submitted for payment of services.
  • Only use academic contract dates for 9 Month or Semester Appointments
  • Recurring appointments, refer to previous E-Form (if same title/appointment) for the position number
  • Employment Percentages for Faculty:
    1 – 3 credit hour course  =   25%
    2 – 3 credit hour courses =  50%
    3 – 3 credit hour courses =  75%
    4 – 3 credit hour courses = 100%

Temp 1 Hires – Temporary appointments less than 4.5 months or Periodic

  • An appropriate classification must be used and paid within the new hire rate. The employee must meet the minimum qualifications for the classification.
  • Assignments must not exceed 4 months. NO Exceptions to the 4 months – extensions will not be approved.  Be sure to include the anticipated temporary end date.
  • All Temp 1 hires are paid on an hourly basis.
  • The candidate will require a background check.

Returning Retirees

“Is the employee retired and currently receiving benefits from PERS?” is questioning whether the candidate has already retired from a state agency and is receiving retirement benefits.


The funding source should be identified by SAP position number

For Salaried Positions – If funded from wages or another category, prepare an E-Form 22 to move the funding to salaries (reference E-Form 22 on Form 1).

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