Human Resources

University of Mississippi

Performance Management

Supervisors, managers and directors should be sure that the employee is familiar with the university’s performance policies and programs. Initially a new employee is subject to a probationary period. Proper attention to performance during the probationary period and carefully considered decisions as to whether the employee should pass probation can be critical. The probationary period is your opportunity to judge the suitability of an employee for a specific position.

Annually, employees are reviewed using the standardized annual performance appraisal form. At all times the employee should be aware of the expectations of the position.

Job performance is of paramount importance to the University. It is the policy of the University to assist employees in improving job performance or correcting improper conduct to avoid termination when possible. If any employee is performing unsatisfactorily or exhibiting improper conduct, the supervisor should work with the employee in an attempt to improve his/her conduct or performance.

More about the Probationary Review, Annual Staff Performance Appraisals & Progressive Discipline Action Notice

To review previous performance appraisals of your employee, you can access through myOleMiss at anytime of the year. On the Staff Performance Appraisals page, simply adjust the “Reporting year” to the previous year.