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Student Employment

Student Employment is located in Lester Hall

Frequently Asked Questions for Student Employment

How do I find a Student job?
A few departments take advantage of posting student employment opportunities on the University’s online job posting site, Please note, “www” and “https:/” is not required in the web address. Click on “Search Postings” and select “Student” under the Employee Category tab. You are encouraged to contact departments directly. Departments that often hire students are Campus Recreation and Student Housing.

How often are job postings updated?
Jobs are updated from the listing as-needed by the departments and as positions are filled.

What is Work-Study?
Work-study is a needed-based program that is awarded through the Financial Aid office. It works by subsidizing apportion or all of your wages for an employer, and therefore creates a number of jobs that otherwise wouldn’t be available. If the work-study it will appear on your Financial Aid award letter. For more information about Work-Study, please contact the Financial Aid office at

What is minimum wage for student employment?
The minimum wage currently is $7.25 per hour. $7.40 is the recommended pay rate.

Am I eligible for a student position?
Students taking 3 or more credits for the entire academic semester are eligible during the semester for a student position.

How many hours can I work?
Effective Monday, August 25, 2014, all hourly student workers and undergraduate students working on a stipend will be limited to an absolute aggregated total of 25 hours of work per week (Monday – Sunday). If a student’s work time exceeds the 25 hour per week limit, the student’s employment may be ended immediately.

Please note:

Foreign national students who are taking summer classes may only work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the academic year, including summer sessions. Foreign national students who are NOT enrolled during the summer months will be limited to an absolute aggregated total of 25 hours of work per week (Monday – Sunday).

Can I keep my job after graduation?
Student workers who graduate in May are allowed to continue to work throughout the summer only. All graduation students in December must stop working in a student position as of graduation day. International students are not eligible to continue working after graduation as a student. The department may coordinate an updated work authorization for employment as a Staff or Faculty member.


What do international students need to do to work on campus?
Eligible international students with F-1 or J-1 visas can hold on-campus jobs. International students can apply for jobs like any other student. Once hired, international students should come directly to the Student Employment Office to complete employment paperwork, including the Employment Verification Eligibility, Form I-9. You are required to present a passport, social security card, visa, I-20, and DS-2019. If the international student does not already have one, he/she will need to apply for social security number after he/she is offered a job. An international Student Employment Certification form will required; please contact the Coordinator for International Programs and Services at (662) 915-7404 for assistance with applying for a social security card.

How many hours may an international student worker work?
International student workers are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week.


Do I have to fill out all of the forms?
The forms are available in the Department of Human resources. To complete the forms in advance, the forms are available electronically at Student Employment Packet/Payroll Forms. As the student begins to complete the form, the form will automatically begin to populate common fields, i.e., “Name” eliminating having to retype the information on each form. Students are required to return the completed form in person to the Department of Human Resources located in Lester Hall and to present ORIGINAL documentation (see below) as well as direct deposit information.

What is an I-9 and what documents do I need to bring?
A completed I-9 form, Employment Eligibility Verification from, is required for all employees. The purpose of the form is to verify that you are eligible to work in the United States. You must complete an I-9, including providing original documentation, at the Student Employment Office (Lester Hall) before you start working.

Original acceptable documents, most commonly a passport, or driver’s license/ID and social security card, or driver’s license/ID and original or certified copy of birth certificate issued by a State, county, municipal authority, or territory of the United States bearing an official seal.  Visit the Department of Homeland Security website and review the complete list of acceptable, original documents used to verify employment eligibility on page 5:

Can I have a copy of my social security card, birth certificate or passport faxed to you?
We cannot accept copies or facsimiles. Only original documents will be accepted. The only exception is that you may present a certified copy of a birth certificate.

How do I fill out the W-4 and the Mississippi Withholding form?
If you do not feel comfortable filling out the W-4 and Mississippi Withholding forms (tax forms), please contact a trusted family member or tax professional. Because every individual’s is unique, the Department of Human resources cannot give tax device of any kind. We appreciate your understanding regarding this policy.

What if I don’t know my Selective Service number?
Please complete and sign the form. We will verify your registration through the Selective Service using the information that you provide – it is not necessary for us to have the number in order to complete this transaction.

Do I have to update my address directly with Student Employment or Payroll?
YES! The Payroll and Student Employment system is a separate computer system from the rest of student service, Bursar and Registrar systems. Even if you just updated your address on MyOleMiss, you still need to update your address with Student Employment through the “Employee” and “Self Service” system or by visiting the Student Employment department in Lester Hall. It is important that you keep your address up-to-date so that you will get your W-2 form at the end of the year.


What are the pay periods and when do I get paid?
Payroll is twice-monthly. Paydays are on the 15th and last day of each month.

Where do I get my paychecks?
Beginning July 1, 2009 paychecks for all faculty, staff, and student workers will have to be received via direct deposit unless a “Payroll Distribution” form is submitted.

EMPLOYEE SELF-SERVICE (Student Employees, too!)

How can I update my information?
Employee Self-Service allows employees to go online to perform common tasks such as change of address or direct deposit information.
In the past, employees had to personally visit Human Resources to complete the necessary paper forms for making changes to contact information (address, phone) and bank account information for direct deposit. With the launch of the first Employee Self-Service application, University employees now have the ability to make changes to their information online form within the MyOleMiss portal.

Student employees can use the Employee Self-Service application and Addresses & Communication Preferences to update their home address, office address, and emergency contact information. To access Employee Self-Service, Login to myOleMiss, Choose the “Employee” the sub-tab “Self-Service” and then select “Address/communication Preferences” from the “Detailed Navigation” menu located on the left.

For more information please contact the Student Employment Staff at 662-915-1531.